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Build-up programmes for the 112th National Day (December 17) celebrations have begun nationwide.

In Thimphu, Coronation Centenary Park in Chanlimithang is home to unique exhibitions.

Hundreds of Bhutanese and tourists had gathered at the park yesterday to witness the local exhibits.

People from across different regions of the country exhibited their products and lifestyles, confined to their region.

The exhibits ranged from the 13 traditional arts and crafts, cuisines from 20 dzongkhags, miniature Bhutanese architecture with historical significance, and the produce from highlands.

Three yaks from Laya caught the attention of viewers.

Tashi Gomang from Tashichodzong in Thimphu, Tango and Dongkola monasteries, Paro Rinpung and Haa Dzong are also on display for the devotees.

Tashi Gomang, literally meaning one with many auspicious doors is a three-dimensional portable shrine traditionally carried across the country on backs of travelling priests.

Among others, there were live demonstrations on local healing practices and services, how different meals from the dzongkhags are prepared, monks demonstrating how mandala and ritual cakes (tormas) are made, and artisans engaging in their respective artistic works.

The audiovisual gallery at the park also displays some rare pictures and videos of our monarchs.


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