A daylong national dialogue between mountain communities and government officials was held yesterday in Thimphu to raise awareness among policy makers on the impact of environmental degradation to mountain ecosystem and the communities that rely on it. 

Haa, Dagana and Samtse discussing various issues related to the five key SDG’s.

The five key SDGs include goals 6 (water and sanitation), 7 (access to modern energy), 11 (safe cities and human settlements), 12 (sustainable production and consumption patterns), and 15 (life on land). 

A press release from Tarayana Foundation states that considering the relevance and impact to climate change, biodiversity conservation, agro ecology and social inclusion, support towards mountain communities is considered one of the priorities under Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme (SGP) Operational Phase 6.  

The press release states that SGP Bhutan programme has been selected as one of the lead countries to take forward a series of national dialogues and activities to implement the initiative among mountain communities and the government.

The press release states that the recommendations from Bhutan would be endorsed by SGP’s national steering committee (Bhutan) and would be submitted to the SGP Global Office in New York. 

Tarayana Foundation in collaboration with the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme, UNDP and Gross National Happiness Commission organised the national dialogue.

Staff reporter