Bhutan Narcotic Control Authority (BNCA) inaugurated Narcotic Drugs Law Enforcement Unit (NDLEU) at Samdrupjongkhar police station on February 14.

The unit was set up in collaboration with Royal Bhutan Police (RBP), dzongkhag administration, thromde, and customs and trade to reduce drug supply and demand.

BNCA’s deputy chief programme officer, Chhimi Dorji, said according to the report from the RBP, there was an increase in tobacco and drug trafficking cases.

He added that drug supply must be controlled. “If we do not take necessary and appropriate measures, suppliers will continue to exploit the situation for selfish gains. Reduction measures are important.”

Samdrupjongkhar is the gateways to six eastern dzongkhags.

“It is important to have such control measures before it is too late. NDLEU is internalising the Narcotics and tobacco control measures, which is in line with a long-term national narcotic and tobacco control strategy,” Chhimi Dorji said.

Chhimi Dorji said that NDLEU is intended to prevent youth from abusing drugs. “It is an important step that will help garner our resources and provide mechanism to ensure necessary supply reduction measure to respond.”

Police officials said that an anti-drugs squad was formed on January 25 and that setting up of NDLEU would help police prevent drugs-related and other crimes.

BNCA officials provided computer and 50 testing kits.

Kelzang Wangchuk