We are getting things terribly wrong. What are our responsibilities and rights, we seem to forget quite pathetically easily. If one cannot even bare a word of caution, forget criticism, there is a problem.

Arguments could be about anything, but how rightly they are put into perspective, matters. When sacred institutions get pulled in by the way, there is a problem. And when laws are not respected just because one is overly frustrated with the court procedures, things are going utterly wrong; and this speaks largely about the flaws in our judicial system.

That’s why most people who continue to make noise and lament about honest commentaries that people make online and off become useless altogether. We are losing perspective. There are senior journalists who are involved in the broil. And there are others, who mindlessly pull in individuals and institutions just to give credence to their argument. That is exactly where the problem lies.

This is the time when our judicial system needs to pause and reflect on how it could best serve the people. In a democracy, no institution should be immune from criticism.  At the same time, people should be aware of how their grievances could be taken forward. We have laws and laws are there to be respected.

The problem is that we tend to take everything personally. The problem really is about not being able to take criticisms positively. When people call each other anti-nationals, which the persons involved in a fracas do not even care what it essentially means, the nation sees it as a problem because the nation is by far bigger than an individual.

We cannot deny that there is no corruption in our society. Perhaps this is the right time to wake up and to take stock of things. Corruption is the least we can allow to creep into our small society. His Majesty The King has repeatedly reminded us that as a small and developing country we can ill afford to let corruption eat into out systems.

As the matter stands, the on-going case is about the efficiency of the country’s judicial system and the trust people have in it. We will wait to see what comes of it.