KP Sharma 

After working for two days continuously, thromde workers by late afternoon yesterday fixed the sewer line that burst in front of iBest Institute at Changzamtog on Saturday. For almost two days, it has led to huge frequent traffic congestion and the stench wafted across the entire stretch of the road.

According to thromde workers, residents’ negligence in dumping waste into the septic tanks is the main cause of the sewer outflow.

It is learnt that people dump sanitary pads, cloth pieces, toothbrushes, plastic, and condoms, among others in the septic tank many of which are connected to sewer line.

They said that residents continue to do it despite the repeated awareness and reminders from the thromde.

Thromde workers at the site said that the waste from the septic tank blocks the incoming water in the line, forcing the chamber to blast and cause leakage.

The outflow has also cracked the road surface and formed potholes on the road.

“We have been working here for the last few days but still we are not sure when we will be able to fix it for good,” said one of the workers.

He added that residents must play their part to ensure that no large solid waste goes into the septic tank to avoid such leakage.

“It’s high time for the thromde’s residents to change their mentality and understand the consequences of their carelessness,” a worker said.

The thromde administration has deployed sewer trucks and an additional tanker from the police.

“Thromde cannot say that people are careless, they should come up with a relevant strategy to address this issue which happens almost every year,” said a pedestrian.

However, residents residing around the area said that poorly-maintained sewer lines could be the cause of such frequent leakage in the city.

“Sewer leakage in Thimphu is a common issue and it would get worse with the onset of monsoon,” another resident said.