Choki Wangmo | Dagana

A year after it was constructed in 2018, the vegetable shed in Dagana was converted into a bus terminal, which today wears a deserted look.

This has caused concerns among residents who allege that the failure in planning has resulted in such wastage of public resources.

A resident said that after failure in strict monitoring by officials, the vegetable shed was not used by vendors. “After two months, it was abandoned and was then converted to bus parking.”

He said that after a few months, bus drivers refused to use the parking.

Today, buses and pick-up trucks in Dagana town are seen parking on the roadside.

A resident, Gyeltshen, said that people were unaware of the decisions of the dzongkhag. “Earlier they made strict rules for us to follow.”

He alleges that earlier the dzongkhag did not allow vegetable vendors to sell their produce in other parts of the town and made it mandatory for them to use the sheds provided. After that failed, buses were not allowed to stop in the town but only in the parking. “Rules were made and then broken in their whims and fancies.”

As it remained deserted, a resident said that the infrastructure provided was damaged by the month. “It was built with tax money. In the future, maintenance would result in more wastage of resources.”

At the site, there are five parking bays, four ticket counters, a canteen, and a washroom. However, the electricity lines in the buildings were not working and the washroom facilities were damaged.

Weeds and overgrowth have invaded the parking lot.

About Nu 3 million was spent in building the infrastructure.

Bus drivers said that the road to the parking was bad and the parking sheds were too small for the buses. In such conditions, they said that it was uncomfortable.

Dzongkhag planning officer Sonam Jamtsho said that the dzongkhag had handed over the parking to Dagapela’s Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) but they couldn’t use it due to some inconveniences.

Due to a seepage on the road to the parking lot, the road was damaged. “The dzongkhag has allocated a budget for maintenance in the coming financial year.”

The dzongkhag plans to remove that blacktop from the road.

Dagapela’s RSTA focal, Diliram Dhaurali, said that without enough staff, it was difficult to carry out the maintenance. “We will maintain the road and extend the parking spaces too,” he said.

Edited by Tshering Palden