Lekey Zangmo  

The makeover of Thimphu’s iconic clock tower nears completion amid varying public views.  Not less than Nu 3 million has been spent on the project so far.

The tower has been repainted, and stone slabs and stormwater drains are being replaced. The clogged drains were cleared.

The damaged sitting galleries, including steps that run through, have been renovated. The sitting galleries have been repainted bright rainbow.

The tower is much simpler in design now but it has lost none of its aesthetic grandeur which lent it a solemn presence in the heart of the city.

The broken fountain pool that posed threat to people has been removed. Also, the broken benches and Mani Dangrim are gone.

Among the new additions are the electrical lights that exude calming aura at night.

Shopkeepers say that they have been keen to see the changes and were surprised by the changes. To them, it is the same old tower yet so very different.

For Pema, though, the change is a huge disappointment. “It is nowhere near like the design that I saw circulating on facebook.”

But for a young boy who has been following the development closely, the change is exciting. The wise spaces will be ideal for a quick bike ride in the evening.

The clock tower has been used as an entertainment platform for a long time. It is Thimphu’s town hall center, an open theatre, and the great arena.

Here is the meeting place, the true landmark of the fast-changing city. It is here Bhutan’s young talents are discovered in the many spheres that make up the country’s national life. Music, art, campaigns, and entertainment find their home here at the foot of the steadfast sentinel that is the Clock Tower.