Infrastructure: Construction of a new Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) hall will soon begin in Bumthang.

The current hall, located inside the dzong, is not adequate as there is limited space which requires some members to remain standing during meetings. If a member leaves his seat for a bathroom break, it is usually lost.

The dzongkhag has already identified a site for the new DT hall above the Wangdicholing Lower Secondary School. Dzongkhag officials said the construction work will soon be tendered out.

DT secretary Tshewang Dorji said the need for a new hall was raised several times in the past. However, a suitable place could not be found until now.

The plan was to initially construct the hall within the dzong premises but this was not permitted by the Department of Culture, Tshewang Dorji explained. The department required the hall to be constructed 200 metres away from the dzong. The new site is some 600 meters away from the dzong.

The new hall will accommodate around 150 people.

He said they will also build a hostel for dancers and a store for the disaster and emergency operation centre. “We have many equipment meant for disasters but we’re finding it difficult to store them,” he said.

The government is funding the construction of the new hall and store.

Nima Wangdi | Jakar