His Holiness the Je Khenpo appointed Khenpo Tshewang Sonam as the new lam of Tharpaling dratshang, Bumthang on July 16.

Lam Tshewang Sonam, 57, from Ura first joined in gomdey dratshangs of Wangthang Goenpa in Ura and later moved to Nymdroling monastery, Mysore for further studies.

Khenpo Tshewang Sonam received rigney and tseteachings from Lam Gyelwa Nima and Tsangkha Rinpoche Norbu Wangchuk.

He received kagyue Wanglung Thri Sum and other religious teaching from 67th Je Khenpo Nyzer Truelku Thinley Lhendup and Trongsa Lam Darbab Tshewang Dorji. He was conferred the Khenpo title by Penor Rinpoche in the third batch of Khenpos.

He served as chief of the Shedra at Namdroling monastery, Mysore for several times.

In 2003 he was sent to Tibet and served as the principal of the Pyelyul Shedra for more than five years. During his stay in Tibet he received teachings from Tibetan scholars, Nyseshukhen Rinpoche, Khenpo Achuk Rinpoche and many more.

After returning from Tibet, he served as the chief of shedra in Namdroling monastery for one year.

There are more than 100 monks at Tharpaling dratshang.

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