Sherab Lhamo

Bhutanese visiting Thailand will be permitted to stay up to 60 days, according to the Thai government’s latest approved visa exemption for citizens of 93 countries. The new rule comes into effect from May 29.

The visa exemption, foreign affairs minister, DN Dhungyel said, is given for the purpose of tourism and short-term businesses only and Bhutanese should not be exceeding 60 days of stay in Thailand. 

The minister added that they are yet to implement it and so they will have some legal provisions to be seen and once they clear all the legal provisions and all, Bhutan will be beneficiary of free visa exemptions for tourism and short-term business.

The new visa policy will permit foreign students to stay for an additional year upon graduation, while insurance requirements for foreigners seeking to retire in Thailand will be relaxed according to Reuters. 

Lyonpo DN Dhungyel, at the meet the press session on Thursday, said discussions are ongoing with Thai government officials on giving consent to start an e-visa system for Bhutan. “They said they (Thai government)  will be able to start the e-visa system and a consideration will be given to Bhutan. ”

The minister also said that discussion on the free trade agreement between the government of Bhutan and Thailand is progressing. “The two governments are ready to sign the terms of reference for the negotiations. The next level of discussion will be held within the next three months in Thailand.”