The first two Covid-19 patients recover

Early detection and containment approach, which Bhutan has adopted to fight against Covid-19, has worked well for the country.
Ratification work at Kuengarabten nunnerykuensel

MHPA to fund more than 4M to repair cracks in Kuengarabten

Although Trongsa dzongkhag administration in collaboration with Mangdechhu project has completed the estimation of rectification and maintenance of cracks developed in Kuengarabten, the most affected houses are yet to begin repair.

Contributions come in cash and kind 

Amid growing apprehension about Covid-19, Bhutanese of all walks of life have come forward to make their contributions - some in cash and others in kind. 
Desuups patrol the area regularlykuensel

Guarding Samtse’s illegal entry points difficult: Local leaders

Samtse dzongkhag monitoring of people’s movements along the border stretches in the battle against Covid-19 is becoming a herculean task given countless informal and illegal points of entries.
Locally available doma and paney hit the market in Thimphukuensel

Pan shops run out of imported doma and paney

The ongoing lockdown in India has led to a shortage of doma (areca nut) and paney (betel leaves) in the market. Pan shops in Thimphu have run out of imported doma and paney. The unavailability of the goods will lead to a decline in their income, shopkeepers say.
Quarantine centres in Thimphu produce about 250 bags of waste dailykuensel

Waste from quarantine facilities increasing by the day

On average, Greener Way collects 250 bags of waste from the quarantine centres across Thimphu every day.  The amount of waste generated is expected to only increase. As of yesterday, there were 121 quarantine centres in the country according to the health ministry. 
Paro vegetable shedkuensel

Construction of new marketplace in Paro to begin soon

Paro’s vegetable shed which remains crowded even during weekdays is an eyesore to both residents and visitors alike.  The place is dusty and some vendors sell their goods under tarpaulin sheets.
Prices displayed at the vegetable marketkuensel

Commodity prices rise in Samdrupjongkhar

The price of some of the essential commodities like rice and potato, among others have increased in Samdrupjongkhar town that has seen fewer customers each day in the past few weeks. 

Thank you Bhutan

Like most tourists, Sandi Fischer and her partner, Bert Hewitt planned a trip to Bhutan to explore the country’s unique culture and tradition. On the list of places to visit, the Americans had Thimphu, Paro and Punakha.   “Bert and I really enjoy hiking so part of our decision was related to that, as well as hearing wonderful things about the people and culture of Bhutan.”

Helping students disturbed by Covid-19

The counsellor listens attentively. His voice is calming as he, in a slow and clear, tells the person on the phone to relax. After 35 minutes at 10:30 pm, he hangs up the phone.

Exploring delivery services in quarantine centres

Fifteen home delivery services registered with the Department of Cottage and Small Industries (DCSI) as of yesterday.  These business entities are expected to deliver essential and non-essential items during emergencies.

Covid-19 rapid socio-economic impact survey begins today

Beginning today, the government is carrying out a rapid assessment to understand the socio-economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly on the vulnerable groups. 

CSI bank approves loan worth Nu 25.8M

In their effort to enhance food security by providing access to finance, the newly established National Cottage and Small Industry (CSI) Development Bank approved 36 projects worth over Nu25.8 million (M) yesterday.