Search for truck alleged to be involved in fatal accident continues

Border: While the situation has calmed, it has not normalised according to the Nganglam dungkhag administration following the protests in the border town of Dhawdara in relation to a July 19 accident that allegedly involved a Bhutanese truck.

The border gate was sealed at the request of Indian police following the  alleged accident but has been reopened.

It was alleged that a Bhutanese truck was involved in an accident with a Indian registered car that killed two people on impact. But sources said it is yet to be proven if a Bhutanese truck was involved. Police are still searching for the alleged truck.

A reliable source said Indian police in the border town of Simla has detained a Bhutanese truck on July 19 for investigation. Both the driver and his handy boy are currently on bail.

The truck bound for Punatsangchhu is still in police custody.

A source said that the suspected truck allegedly escaped to Nganglam.

A dungkhag official said the gate was reopened on July 20 and people have been travelling. But are advised to be careful and alert especially in areas between Rangapani and Partshalla.

Indian police have been rendering all support to help defuse the situation and ensure safety of Bhutanese travellers, a source said. However, travellers are asked to be extra vigilant.

Meeting with the people of Nganglam town and truck drivers officials have advised people to drive carefully and responsibly.

“If what is alleged is true we have requested people to help police track the truck to resolve the issue at the earliest,” the official said.

“Until we find the truck we cannot say if it’s safe to travel like before but the border gate is definitely opened and not sealed as it was mentioned before.”

Although, two internal highways are coming up, Nganglam has to still use Assam highway to stay connected with the rest of the dzongkhags.

Meanwhile, so far neither the police and nor the dungkhag have received any complaints or reports of incidents.

Yangchen C Rinzin