Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

The Gyalpoizhing- Nganglam highway will be closed for around two weeks the entire base of the road was washed away at Kerongtshong in Pemagatshel. 

The rockslide on April 26 had washed away about 20 metres of the formation of the road. Kerongtshong is about 38km from Nganglam towards Gyapoizhing.

Regional Department of Road’s (DoR) chief engineer, Jigme Choidup, said that the rockslide had taken away about 20 metres of the road last month. DOR had deployed excavators and rock-drill machines, among others at the site immediately. 

He said the highway is closed for traffic because they are carrying out the clearing works at the site. They would have to cut out of the road formation. 

The chief engineer suspects the failure of the formation could be the cause of the slide. “We cannot say how long will it take to clear the block as it is at the cliff and rocky areas.”  

“Landslide frequently occurs at the site, and we have not seen any possibilities to carry out the hillside cutting on the rocky cliff.” He said that falling boulders also threaten the lives of the workers at the site which is also hampering their efforts in clearing the site. 

Jigme Choidup said that they are planning to lower the road level and construct a wall. “It would take about two weeks to clear a block if the weather favours but we cannot say as the weather is unpredictable.”