Reality hits us again with this film directed by Sonam Maekay Penjor: Bhutanese cinema is not done with stories of love and romance. “Nge Love Story” it is we are talking about, a film shot in part in Thailand.

The story is about love between two childhood friends. Rigsel, played by Sonam Maekay Penjor, is a typical “unpopular” boy who is in love with his best friend Zuki, played by Sonam Max Choki.

The taste of the bland and clichéd could be overwhelming. The film drags on for an hour and a half. If comedy is what the audience ought to expect, the film doesn’t quite succeed.

Probably because the film is Sonam Maekay Penjor’s first as director, storylines could have found the arc. Performance of the lead actors is often overshadowed by the minor characters.

Even though they have only limited roles, they play them well.

Where the film falls short, music makes it up, sort of. Going by the standard of Bhutanese cinema, the film isn’t bad altogether. It could appeal to the young particularly.

The film is produced by Sonam Max Choki Production and is currently showing at the City Cinema hall in Thimphu.

Phurpa Lhamo