The fictional village of Tashiling in Punakha remains etched in many Bhutanese hearts after a popular dialogue of Ap Gembo from the movie ‘Chepai Bu’. The village will yet again enthuse many Bhutanese moviegoers for its rural beauty and charm.

‘Nge Tsawailama’, literally meaning ‘My Root Guru’ is a story about how Gyem Dorji, as lopen Pema, serving in a remote school helps and inspires orphan Yonten, played by Tashi Pee Dorji, to materialise his dreams of education.

It is also a story about how an ‘egg’ shapes the life of Yonten, as it robs him off his youthful innocence and focuses in life.

The story revolves around how Yonten, whose only guardian Angay Zam, played by Aum Karma, refuses to send him to school and how lopen Pema and friend Wangchuk, played by Sonam R Kuensel, helps him to educate himself without formal education but while herding cattle, at home in the moonlight and while working.

Produced by Phuntshok Wangdi and Wangchuk Talop, ‘Nge Tsawailama’ entertains its viewers in between the sad tale of dreams, aspirations, love and friendship.

The only female role that stands out in the movie is that of Pasa Om, played by Sherab Lhamo. She is a pretty village girl who carries herself with confidence and manages to lure Yonten with an egg. She entangles herself in Yonten and Wangchuk’s life and changes their life.

With witty and entertaining dialogues, relevant transitions, sequences and flows, the film has strong plot connections and character development. Narrated through the performance of veteran Gyem Dorji, his son Tashi Pee Dorji and although new face, an equally talented Sonam R Kuensel, the viewers won’t feel that the movie is two hours long.

The movie entertains and conveys quite persuasively, its message on the importance of education.

Tashi Dema