Thimphu police detained nine school students on March 17 for an alleged burglary.

A shopkeeper in Simtokha lodged a complaint with the police after his friends had apprehended a suspect who was caught while breaking into his shop on March 17 at around 1:30pm.

The suspect was identified as a 15-year-old boy from Samtse and currently studying in Thimphu with his parents.

After an interrogation, police found that eight other boys were also involved in the crime.

All the suspects are under 18 years and are from low income backgrounds.

Police said further investigation revealed that the boys were also involved in three other burglary cases in Simtokha in February and March this year.

Police said the number of youth getting into conflict with the law is increasing every year.

A police official said he personally feels that with development, the needs and wants of children are increasing and when parents cannot afford to provide them their wants, they resort to such crimes.

He also said with people becoming more ambitious and when parents are busy with work, the children are neglected and come into conflict with the law.

The official also said that they can’t blame the children for committing such crimes, as they lack guidance. “We don’t know whose responsibilities it is to take care and give necessary advice to children; parents or teachers.”

However, children who come into conflict with the law are sent to the Youth Development Rehabilitation Centre (YDRC) at Tsimasham after a court convicts them. They also have the opportunity to continue education.

As of now there are two girls and 28 boys at the YRDC.

Yeshey Dema