It will not require an individual to travel to Thimphu to address land-related issues.

People can seek the advise from experts in the head office over video conference. National Land Commission Secretariat (NLCS) launched an application in all the dzongkhags on February 9.

NLCS has installed the application called TrueConf in all the dzongkhags, four thromdes and in Wamrong Drungkhag.

For the remaining 14 remaining drungkhags, the application is expected to be launched soon after completion of GovNet connection by the information and communications ministry.

The application is expected to boost discussions amongst and between the land registrars, surveyors and concerned land sector officials of the dzongkhags and drungkhags with the key officials of the NLCS, including the secretary and directors.

If officials in dzongkhag, drungkhag or thromde are not in a position to clarify and convince the parties regarding their land issues or cadastral map issues, they can use the application to communicate with officials and superiors in the head office Thimphu.

The application gives an opportunity for aggrieved parties to directly communicate and seek clarifications or required decisions from the directors and secretary of the NLCS.

“This will reduce the referral cases to the headquarters, and avoid landowners from unnecessary travelling and visiting the headquarters,” a press release from the NLCS read.

The application was developed by a Russian-based company.

The information and communication ministry bought the server licence from a regional TrueConf distributor based in India in August 2017. ICT Officers of 20 dzongkhags have been using the TrueConf App since.

NLCS is also exploring to develop a SmartPhone-based land survey management systems.

NLCS launched online application systems, e-Sakor, for rural land and property transaction in December 2011, and e-Citizen portal for urban landowners in October 2017.

Staff Reporter