Of the 2,660 conventional postal ballots and those from the postal ballot facilitation booths (PBFB) that the Office of the Returning Office received in Trongsa, none was rejected.

A total of 1,348 postal ballots were received for Draagteng-Langthel constituency.

The segregation of postal ballots began on September 13.

Nubi-Tangsibji constituency received a total of 1,312 – 926 PBFB and 386 conventional postal ballots.

Election Commission of Bhutan has sent a total of 828 conventional postal ballots.

A total of 3,333 voters had registered for the three facilitation booths in Trongsa, of which 1,736 are female and 1,595 male.

All polling officials have reached their respective polling stations and are ready for the poll day.

Election official said that there was no election-related issued so far.

Trongsa has 10,250 eligible voters – 4,943 are male and 5,307 female.

Ugyen Dorji | Trongsa