Staff reporter


There is no clue on the two monks who went missing on Friday, March 27.

The monks, aged 18 and 16 of Trashigang Rabdey, were found missing at 8pm while taking attendance in the Lhakhang after the evening prayer. The monks were at the Gomphukora Lhakhang for their usual rituals.

“The monk were best friends and from the same village,” said a source.

A search team member said that there is possibility of the monks being washed away by the river. They found the belongings including robes, slippers and wallets on the banks of Drangmechu, 150 meters away from Gomphukora Lhakhang.

 The rescue team that includes police, Desssups, Taxi driver, Red Cross volunteers and dzongkhag officials are searching along the Drangmechhu.