Nima Wangdi 

Inbound travellers will not have to undergo Covid-19 test from September 23.

However, individuals who are 12 years and above and entering the country may have to undergo random RT-PCR testing at the formal points of entry or at the work sites.  The notification from National Covid-19 Taskforce issued yesterday stated that fees would not be charged for the testing.

For employers of the foreign workers, to ensure their employees are fully vaccinated, the ministry of health will provide vaccines through health facilities, but at a cost.  “Full vaccination is defined as two doses of any vaccine with two-dose schedule or single dose of any vaccine with a single-dose schedule vaccine,” the notice stated.

The people who test positive shall follow the five-day isolation protocol.  Non-Bhutanese who test positive must pay for isolation and treatment.

All escort services currently being provided to travellers in the border areas will be discontinued.

The notice stated that all symptomatic individuals are encouraged to come forward for testing in the health facilities or flu clinics to enhance disease surveillance, not just for Covid-19 but also for other respiratory diseases of concern. “The use of face masks is recommended for individuals having flu-like symptoms and people with comorbidities.”

Hand washing will be continuously advocated and recommended to prevent not only Covid-19 but also prevent other communicable diseases.

“Under the guidance of His Majesty The King, hard work and dedication of our frontliners, and support and cooperation of the people, we achieved significant milestones in our fight against the Covid-19 pandemic,” the notice stated.  It further stated, “Six months after the relaxation of restrictions and adoption of the “Protection Strategy”, the overall pandemic situation in the country is under control.”

However, until the pandemic is declared over, the Ministry of Health will continue to monitor and strengthen active surveillance for new variants to inform national Covid-19 policy.