No re-examination for leaked English II paper

Students will be awarded the same marks they scored in English paper I

Education: Class XII’s English paper II, that was leaked before the examination, won’t be re-conducted and its answer sheets abandoned, decided the Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment (BCSEA) board at an emergency meeting yesterday afternoon.

Except for the board member from India, the remaining five members, including the education minister, had three options at hand excluding the choice to do nothing – validating English marks based on English I marks, re-examination of the paper, or identifying candidates who got the leaked question paper.

BCSEA secretary, Kinga Dakpa, said the council was prepared to implement any of the decisions.

“The board in its wisdom took this professional decision, to award English I marks for English II, as the two papers are related,” he said.

This means, students will be awarded the same marks they scored in English paper I. Officials said English paper I and II are complementary and closely correlated.

“For instance, the performance in papers I and II for the past three years, 2011 to 2013 board examinations, indicated that these two papers showed a correlation of 0.7736, which means the performance of students in both the papers had very strong correlation,” Kinga Dakpa said.

“This means if a student did well in the first paper, the student also scored good marks in the second paper.”

Moreover, most language skills tested in the second paper are also usually covered in the first paper such as essay, and story writing. “Besides, not all students had access to the leaked question paper,” he said.

This option was taken given the limited time factor, financial implications, and series of hassles and logistical problems of conducting the re-examination.

Redoing the examination would cost the government at least Nu 4M or a maximum of Nu 10.942M, Council officials said. It covers printing question papers, transportation, and allowances to teachers deployed for conducting the examination and marking the paper, among others.

“That is not considering the cost to parents of the students,” another official said.

Some students Kuensel spoke to say, English I was more difficult than the second paper.

“So I was kind of hoping English II to pull my marks in the subject,” a student said.

Kinga Dakpa said the board dwelled on this issue and it felt that it was natural that some would feel that way. “The board has taken the best decision that was available,” he said.

It would not hamper the board examination results, and declaration of the results would remain unchanged.

“So the admission and scholarship activities that depend on the class XII results won’t be affected,” Kinga Dakpa said.

The board also directed the Council to continue investigating and to find out how the question paper was leaked and to fix accountability at the earliest.

Kinga Dakpa said the council would get to the root of the matter and penalise the guilty as per relevant laws.

Teachers involved in handing the question papers, according to BCSEA officials, sign undertaking of confidentiality and proper care of the papers.

“As directed we’ll review our current practices and procedures, and put in place series of mechanisms to avoid similar occurrences in the future and strengthen our overall conduct of national examinations with strategic plans to counter such unforeseen incidences in future,” Kinga Dakpa said.

Meanwhile, the answer sheets of the paper are nullified. “The leak was sporadically spread among the candidates of many schools across the country texting through mobile phones,” he said.

The investigation could not confirm the number of students and schools it was leaked to. “The widespread leak has rendered it invalid, so there is no use evaluating the paper,” Kinga Dakpa said.

Immediately after writing of English II examination, the last paper last year on December 13, word went round of the paper being leaked and the council was informed through the supervisor of Drukgyel HSS, Paro.

The Council started investigating and covered Paro, Thimphu, Chukha, Bumthang, and Samdrupjongkhar before confirming the leak on December 19.

Meanwhile, the evaluation of English I at the College of Science and Technology concluded yesterday.


By Tshering Palden

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  1. blonde
    blonde says:

    This is so insane..eng 1 is language(grammatical structures) and en 2 is literature where children get to show their comprehension skills, analytical,critical and creative skills. The whole years study of short stories,novel,essay n poetry has gone down the drain then??

  2. NAIPO
    NAIPO says:

    I think the BCSEA and present government needs to think it. The entire hard work and calibre of individual students need to be rewarded. We people of this land should join hands for our youth. The decision is really unfair..

  3. kugpaa
    kugpaa says:

    it isn’t fair.we r innocent n innocent dosnt mean dat we sud b punisd in such a way.many of us hv hope dat paper 2 wud make out bt wen de hopd paper is being cancelled it means we r directly victimisd.we don’t deserv dis especially dos wo hsnt seen de personally m not happy wid da decision of de BCSEA. fr just n fair it is better to find out de no. of stds wo got de paper bfr de exam …

  4. Right Fair
    Right Fair says:

    It is indeed disaster to BCSEA and misfortune to those student who have done well in English II. In my opinion, some students might have done well in English II who may not have done well in English I but all in all those who have good command over language will eventually do well in both the case. I think what the BCSEA and its committee have decided was just and fair to some extend.

    Who ever is responsible, individual, school or BCSEA, all must be deal severely as per the law of our country. So, BCSEA, please, leave no stone unturned and give the culprit what it deserve…

  5. online
    online says:

    Next time not necessary to conduct examination for every subjects instead infer result of one subject to another base on the strength of correlation from previous examinations ( eg eng1-eng2, biology- chemistry, math-physic, history – geography). What a innovation mr kinga?. ( definitely will have substantial economic impact)Deserve druk Thusey next year.

  6. Dona
    Dona says:

    It is not at all wise on the part of BCSEA to have taken this decision. Instead of punishing the culprit, why punish the innocent children esp. those who did not even have a clue about the leaked paper. You say”It would not hamper the board examination results, and declaration of the results would remain unchanged.” .Is it that the board is only concerned about the declaration of the result and not the future of the students? In this way many questions might be left unanswered in the innocent minds , What about those students who spoiled their English Paper 1 and were relying on English 2. Should their hard work be wasted? Of course investigations were done and studies carried out which proved not much difference in the results of English 1 and English 2, but trends can always change la.
    Regarding the correlation in the scoring pattern in English 1 and English 2, I don’t agree with the statement” if a student did well in the first paper, the student also scored good marks in the second paper.”( I don’t intend to offend anyone). English 1 is purely based on the basic English knowledge of a student and English 2 is literature with dramas and stories. For eg,If a student very good in English does well in English 1 and comes to appear for English 2 without studying. Will he/she be able to score the same? Why not give the responsibility to the committees of the respective school and compile the report for further investigation. So My sincere request to the board is to further investigate into matter and punish the culprit and not the innocent la. (My sincere apologies if i have offended anybody on the process of expressing my views) Why not correct English 2 and see which school does exceptionally well in English. Cant this be done?

  7. logical
    logical says:

    The UNFAIR happened due to LEAK if any as rumored. If that part is deserted from evaluation, any gain or loss goes unaccounted. It calls for justice with IGNORANCE taking zero sum for the gain and loss. This sounds logical.

    However, instead of taking equal marks with English I, not including any mark for English II would be FAIR and better option. Peace.

  8. joker
    joker says:

    This is the most unexpected and worst decision from BCSEA? How can the English paper II score be based on the ?English Paper I score? If English paper II is of no importance, why do we have it at all? This matter concerns thousands of students and the financial implications of a few million is nothing.

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