Only alcoholic beverages were sold in the fourth auction that was held yesterday 

ACC: Hardware and pharmaceutical goods worth Nu 6.08 million (M) did not see any takers at another phase of auction held yesterday in Phuentsholing. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in its investigation related to tax evasion and other related corruption in Phuentsholing this year had seized these goods.

The total worth of goods as per the market price was Nu 14.69M. This was including alcoholic beverages.

Goods of four establishments, Tashi Enterprise, YP Winery, Rigsom Enterprise hardware, and Rabten Pharmaceuticals were auctioned. Although all four entities are commonly linked as cases of fronting, sources say these entities are also related in other corrupt practices.

Meanwhile, there were five bidders, which later decreased to just one. All were businesses that sold alcoholic beverages in the town.

The floor was open to bid beverages worth Nu 4.38M as base price, below market price after a discount of 15 percent was allowed. However, alcoholic beverages worth Nu 3.31M were actually auctioned.

Tiger beer (can) worth Nu 1.31M had expired and dropped from being auctioned, the committee announced.

Beer was the main item the bidding picked up in competition. One of the bidders went up to bid Nu 0.80M for different types of beer worth Nu 0.70M as per the market price.

Several other alcoholic beverages were also auctioned at base price. The winner would have to pay 40 percent of the total amount within 24 hours of winning the bid, while the remaining 30 percent each is supposed to be paid in the next 15 days and in a month’s time respectively.

The committee members did not comment when the remaining goods will get auctioned.

This is the fourth time the ACC has auctioned goods seized in connection to corruption in Phuentsholing. The last auction was held September 18, while the first two auctions were held in August 31 and September 1 this year. The auctions has fetched more than Nu 25M.

Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing