LG: Eight gup and nine mangmi candidates have been nominated from the chiwog zomdus held in the four gewogs of Gasa.

The chiwog zomdus concluded on August 25.

Election officials said 19 aspirants participated in the chiwog zomdus held in the four gewogs of Laya, Lunana, Khatoed and Khamey, for the posts of gup and mangmi.

Except for two gup aspirants, the rest made it past the chiwog zomdus.

The least populated dzongkhag saw no female aspirants contesting for the posts of gup and mangmi. But locals expect a few women candidates to contest for the post of tshogpa.

Three of the former gups of Khaoted, Khamey and Laya have been re-nominated from their respective gewogs, election officials said.

Former Khamey gup Karma Tshering has been nominated to represent Gazana chiwog with 33 votes. Karma Tsheirng will contest against Kinley Penjore of Damji chiwog.

Three chiwogs of Basha, Khayulo and Jabisa in Kamey gewog do not have gup candidates, while the chiwogs of Jabisa and Gazana do not have mangmi candidates. The gewog nominated two gup candidates and three mangmi candidates from its five chiwogs.

Former Khatoed gup Pema Dorji has been re-nominated from Cholay-Phulakha chiwog with all 13 voters present voting in his favor. He will now contest along with two other candidates from the chiwogs of Mani and Tsheringkha.

The two chiwogs of Dachhu-Tshapgang and Rimi neither have gup nor mangmi candidates, and Cholay-Phulakha chiwog does not have mangmi candidates.

Former Laya gup Kinley Dorji of Gazalungu chiwog was also nominated securing 40 “yes” votes of the 50 present at the chiwog zomdu. He will now contest against another candidate from Pazhi chiwog. Three chiwogs of Neyloog, Toedkor and Chongra-Loopchag do not have gup candidates.

The gewog also nominated three mangmi candidates from Pazhi, Toedkor and Chongra-Loopchag chiwogs. Former Laya mangmi of Pazhi chiwog has been re-nominated.

Meanwhile in Lunana, both the former gup and mangmi did not re-contest.

The lone mangmi candidate of Lhedi chiwog has been nominated with all voters present voting in his favour. Thanza-Toenchay chiwog saw two gup candidates, of which Kaka was nominated securing 72 votes against Namgay Tenzin.

Three of the five chiwogs don’t have gup and mangmi candidates.

Dawa Gyelmo | Wangdue