MB Subba

The non-De-Suup Members of Parliament will now not remain at home during the lockdown but on the frontline as part of the national response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaker Wangchuk Namgyel, who is also not a De-Suup, said that the MPs had gone to the frontline beginning yesterday.

“A majority of the MPs are De-Suups. The non-De-Suup members are brainstorming on how we can contribute from our side in this Covid-19 situation,” he said yesterday.

There are 14 non-De-Suup MPs in the National Assembly. Five of the National Council members are not De-Suup, one of whom is on medical leave.

It was learnt that MPs through the Speaker had appealed to His Majesty The King to grant the opportunity to serve on the frontline.

Members said they were overwhelmed with the opportunity to be part of the national effort.

One of the non-De-Suup MPs, Ugyen Dorji from Dewathang Gomdar constituency, said that it was an “exclusive privilege” to be a part of the team led by His Majesty The King.

“His Majesty expressed a deep concern for the immediate welfare of the people and also expressed serious concerns for the long term economy of our country,” he said.

Another non-De-Suup MP, Kinley Wangchuk, from Athang Thedtsho constituency, stated yesterday on his Facebook page: “With His Majesty The King’s brief audience today, Members of Parliament, who are not De-Suup, led by the Speaker shall come out on the frontlines to help contain Covid-19.”

He stated that His Majesty commanded that the lockdown should be as bearable as possible and that no one should suffer from any form of harshness.

“His Majesty also expressed concerns regarding near-future global recession or depression as a result of Covid-19 crippling the world’s economy.”