Service: With the only two public toilets in Trongsa town closed for renovations, visitors especially if new to the town should be mindful of not loitering around for long unless they are okay with relieving themselves behind bushs.

If lucky, one may come across kind shopkeepers but many don’t allow their private toilets to be used by non-custoumers.

The old public toilet located at the end of the town along the Bumthang-Thimphu highway is out of use as it has been closed for renovation. The other public toilet above Kunga hotel in town is also out of service.

Town residents attribute the condition of the toilets to lack of maintenance. In other dzongkhags like Thimphu, they said with many users, the authorities concerned can appoint a person to look after it.

“The caretakers earn a livelihood by managing toilets collecting minimal fees from users,” a resident in the town said. “Very few people in Trongsa use public toilets.”

Trongsa’s municipal engineer Dawa Lhamo said the public toilet below the parking would be renovated soon. “We had floated a tender for renovation early this month but no bidders took part,” she said.

Dawa Lhamo said they will be floating another tender whereby they tender documents will be awarded to only five contractors. “They will be made to bid and the work will be awarded to the lowest bidder as is the norm,” she said, adding that the renovation package includes toilet pots, windows, drain and septic tanks.

A resident of Trongsa town who lives above the dungkhor said people relieve themselves on the pavement near the dungkhor early in the mornings which is an unpleasant sight.

“But we can’t blame people solely as there is no public toilet in the town,” he said.

Renovation of the public toilet is expected to solve the issue soon.

Nima Wangdi | Trongsa