The price of non-subsidised cooking gas dropped to Nu 722 in Thimphu from yesterday. 

According to a press release from Department of Trade (DOT), the change in price was due to price revision in India. However, the price for subsidised will remain same – Nu 530.

Earlier, the price of non-subsidised cocking gas was Nu 840 per cylinder. There is a difference of Nu 172 between subsidised and non-subsidised.  

A press release issued by Indian Oil Corporation said the decision to cut LPG price was due to softening prices in the international market and ideal dollar-rupee exchange rate.

Chief trade officer with DOT, Rinchen Zangmo, said that the news was welcoming because the department had been advocating on surrendering subsidised cooking gas. “The decrease in price will invite consumers to switch to non-subsidised and we are hopeful that many would turn up.”  

The prices for petrol and diesel were also revised following the revision in India. 

The price of petrol per litre has increased by Nu 0.27 to Nu 0.72. However, the price per litre of diesel has dropped by Nu 1.35 to Nu 1.84 for different locations. The price of petrol in Thimphu will be Nu 60.88 and Nu 58.96 for diesel. 

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