Neten Dorji | Phongmey

Not all the dairy farming businesses in Trashigang are doing good business. One of them is Gazari dairy group in Phongmey Gewog.

Founded with 13 members in 2021, it didn’t go as well as they had hoped.

Located about four kilometres from the gewog centre, the farm owns 13 cattle, including breeding bulls and some calves.

Members said that initially, the farm went well.

“The farm produced more than 75 litres of milk a day at the initial stages. The milk production has come down drastically today,” said a member, Norbu.

Some say that the reason for the group running on loss is due to a lack of proper management and climate. “We learned that lack of feed management results in a big drop in milk production and health of animals,” explained a member, Kinzang Chodup.

No one is properly trained in dairy work in the locality. “We do not have enough technical and experienced people to make dairy farms successful,” said Kinzang. “We need proper training.”

The group availed a loan of Nu.0.6 million from BDBL (BDFC then) and bought 13 jersey cows, with support from the livestock sector.

“We had about 20 jersey cows on the farm; now the number has dropped to 13 heads,” said another member. “We are not able to understand the technical problem we are facing today.”

Members say that the farm was established to encourage youth to take up such ventures that can provide employment opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Young people are not interested in this fieldwork. The income they make from construction works is more than what the farms can provide,” said one member.