Nima Wangdi

Property and Judgment Enforcement Division (PJED) under the Office of the Attorney General (AG) enforced 94 Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) cases last year through judgment enforcement.

Of the total number of cases enforced, two were pending from 2016 and before, five were from 2018, 13 from 2019, nine from 2020, 27 from 2021, and 38 from last year.

The ACC report showed that 13 cases pertaining to ACC were closed, 17 interim-closed, and 44 are still pending.

“Of the 392 cases that the Royal Bhutan Police dealt in 2022, four were from 2016 and before, seven from 2017, 12 from 2018, 54 from 2019, 40 from 2020, 91 from 2021, and 184 from 2022,” the report showed.

More than 160 cases have been closed and 61 are closed temporarily.

Close to 177 cases are still pending, according to the report.

The report stated that despite PJED being understaffed, the division made significant advancements toward effective judgment enforcement. “The department received 486 cases for enforcement out of which 94 were corruption cases, 392 were forwarded by the RBP.”

The department also restituted Nu 44 Million to the Royal Government, of which Nu 17 (M) was in ACC and 26M in RBP; Nu 353M was restituted to other agencies, Nu 11M to victims as compensation, and Nu 0.31M was also reimbursed to the defendants.

The department also restituted 1.10-acre land to victims, 3.799 acres of land was declared Government Reserve Forest Land, three defendants were reinstated to their service, and 27 professional driving licenses were cancelled.

The report showed that administration actions were taken against 10 individuals and initiated community services and rehabilitation for 19 defendants.