A woman in Phanas, Ngatsang, who is mentally sick, is now getting some new help. This is good. Health secretary, Dr Ugen Dophu, has instructed health officials of Mongar Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH) to look into the matter.

Tshering Lhamo was given antipsychotic medication in consultation with the psychiatrist from Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital  (JDWNRH) in Thimphu. Tshering Lhamo will be brought to JDWNRH if she doesn’t show any sign of improvement. This is good.

Tshering Lhamo’s mother sums up the picture of our service systems. She gave up medicine and treatment long ago because she got no sign of hope.

But hope is what we need. When our health workers in Thimphu are busy watching Britain’s Got Talent and can’t even talk to patients, there is a problem.  How do we monitor such problems?

We have come so far that finally we are building secure homes for the people who are left behind by our plans and development. Let’s recall the debate. As a GNH society we didn’t want even a house for our abandoned elders.

This is the real picture of our society that we could draw somehow. We need such pictures of our society to wake our lawmakers up who only fight for their own glory, fame and space in the future.

As we forge on as a forward-looking nation, such national challenges will come to the fore.  As if they haven’t!

What we need is the courage to move beyond the small scope of self-centred goals. If we can build homes for the homeless and dispense vehicles by the way, we must be able to look at our own heartaches.

Many people have come to help Tshering Lhamo through the author. This is the lesson. Are we getting any message?

We, the citizens, will watch the will and the move of our government.