LG: Though Trashigang town is currently undergoing a major facelift in Mithidrang and Melphey, more development will be required with the population growing.

A thromde could have made a difference in addressing the town’s growing developmental needs but with thromde elections deferred, meeting these needs looks far-fetched.

However, this has not prevented thromde residents from electing leader as there is still the thromde ngotshab elections. The thromde thuemi is now known as the thromde ngatshab.

“In 16 dzongkhags, the thromdes will be now represented by thromde ngotshabs after the thromde elections were rescinded,” Trashigang’s electoral officer, Tshering Phuntsho said.

As a result, two contestants, Karma Tshomo, 48, from Melphey, and Thinley Namgay, 34, from Methidrang, who were earlier planning to contest for thromde tshogpa, are now contesting for the thromde ngotshab post.

The two candidates who are meeting for the second round of thromde thuemi elections are contesting with promises to decongest traffic, and build  recreational centres and children’s parks.

Yesterday, the candidates once again faced each other in their only common forum at the Trashigang Middle Secondary School’s  multi-purpose hall in front of a mere 18 voters. There are over 300 registered voters.

“This is the problem with people here. They do not turn up for such public meetings,” one of the voters said.

But small turn out did not discourage either candidates.

Having worked in the High Court and served as chairman for a poultry farm group, Karma Tshomo, known for her talkativeness, made a number of pledges. She said that though Trashigang town is currently undergoing a facelift including construction of river protection walls, she has plans to further develop the area.

“I want to construct footpaths over the wall to make it more pedestrian-friendly in Methidrang,” Karma Tshomo said, adding that her top priority however will be to construct a heavy-vehicle parking lot in Phomshing to decongest growing traffic problems.

She also pledged to construct a children’s park to create space for children in the town deprived of playgrounds. “In Melphey I would like to improve roadside drainage to prevent flash floods,” Karma Tshomo said.

She also pledged to reinstate the number of storeys for building constructions in Melphey to four or five from the existing three.

Thinley Namgay did not have much different to offer when it came to pledges. Decongestion, he said, was his top priority. “With growing traffic congestion there is increasing risk for children in town due to lack of playgrounds so I would like to construct a recreational centre,” Thinley Namgay, who sought the permission from the electoral officials to deliver in Tshangla, said. He struggled to speak in Dzongkha.

He also said that he would build a space for the elderly to rest while coming to circumambulate the choeten and prayer wheels in the town.

Tempa Wangdi | Trashigang

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