Bhutanese, like the people in democratic countries, are witnessing how elections can unfold surprises, bringing the unexpected to power, and taking the most hopeful and confident out of it. The past two general elections demonstrated that elections are full of surprises, sometimes even surprising political experts and pundits.

It’s our good fortune that democracy is functioning and taking roots under the wise and noble guidance from the Golden Throne. It’s also experiencing negative elements that germinate due to elections that may potentially divide regions, dzongkhags, gewogs, chiwogs, communities and even families.

While we are grappling with such serious issues related to divisions brought about by party politics, there are outsiders who are curious to know whether such divisions created are real or pretentious.

What others think is not important but how we as Bhutanese think and handle the issues amicably are critical for democracy to flourish here at home.

Bhutanese are known for our short memories and it is important that we remind ourselves as we exercise our franchise to elect the next government in a couple of days’ time. Unlike in other countries, democracy in Bhutan is gifted, guided and nurtured by our beloved Monarchs. We are fortunate to be blessed with successive Monarchs that serve us than rule us.

His Majesty The Druk Gyalpo during the First Session of the First Parliament in 2008 said:“The highest achievement of one hundred years of Monarchy has been the constant nurturing of Democracy.” “As King, henceforth, it is my sacred duty to ensure the success of our new democracy so that it will serve to fulfill the aspirations of our people always.”

We have done well so far and the nation has achieved unprecedented peace, harmony and prosperity through His Majesty’s selfless service to the people and the country.

The time is here again to elect a new government that would sincerely continue to fulfill the aspirations of the Bhutanese, as always desired by His Majesty. It’s not desirable to have a government that would help its own people over the people who brought it to power, and, abuse the power to empower its families, relatives and supporters through policy corruption and nepotism. It’s absolutely crucial to have a party or individuals that protect the sanctity of the institution of Monarchy, which is the heart and soul of Drukyul, no matter how difficult the circumstances may be.

Therefore, the power lies with the electorate to come in big numbers and choose a party that would unconditionally serve The Druk Gyalpo, the Drups and the Drukyul with complete Tha Damtse and Ley Judre through body, speech and mind.

Vote for Tsawa Sum!