Thinley Namgay

Bhutan Cricket Council has started an online cricket-training programme to keep people engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Council’s chief executive officer, Damber S Gurung, said during the pandemic, they do not have much choice than to come up with an online training programme. “The programme was made for the development of coaches, players, umpires and scorers.”

He said anyone with an internet connection, mobile or laptop or personal computer could watch the online training through Facebook page of the ‘’ Facebook page.

Damber S Gurung said that there would be more than 15 episodes. “For coaches, umpires and scorers, we will pay them internet allowance for every class.”

The recorded episodes will be uploaded in their official Facebook page.

So far they have uploaded two episodes. The first one is about the equipment used by the batsman. The second episode is on the basic fundamental of batting.

Damber S Gurung said in the next two weeks, their coaches would start online coaching session in their respective dzongkhag. “We are also designing online courses for umpires and scorers certified by Bhutan Cricket.”

He said that despite being a challenging task, he was glad that the viewership is increasing on their official Facebook page.

Bhutan Cricket also contributed USD 10,000 to His Majesty’s Kidu Fund for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, to keep youth engaged, Basketball Federation of Bhutan also started an online basketball coaching since last month.

Coach Lhuendup D. Dorjey said basketball drills are very simple but effective in helping viewers to stay engaged and healthy.  “Drills are very simple and it is not confined for basketball players but everyone.”

The federation’s coaches are conducting the drills along with few volunteered athletes. The recorded episodes will be uploaded on their official Facebook page.

At present they have uploaded two episodes on their official Facebook Page (Basketball Federation of Bhutan or Youth Basketball Programs).

The first episode is on the basic stationary ball handling drills and the second one is the continuation of the first episode.