Update: With the deadline for filing the nominations with the Election Commission of Bhutan over, only two candidates are likely to contest for the Phuentsholing thrompon post, although four were nominated during the zomdus on Tuesday.


Tsheten Dorji

Former thrompon Tsheten Dorji and Uttar Rai of Neydra constituency are the two candidates who have successfully filed their nominations. The Pekharshing nominee Sangay Tamang, 24, has submitted the documents and filed for the nominee yesterday, but it is likely he would be disqualified. Sangay Tamang was not able to submit her accredited university graduate certificates and court affidavit yesterday. “I could not submit the documents because I was not able to produce them on time,” he said in a telephonic interview.

Rinchending nominee Jigme Dorji, 29, who secured 14 “yes” votes of the total 15 votes in the zomdu was still in Thimphu yesterday. “I couldn’t submit the documents because I was not able to produce them on time,” he said in a telephonic interview. Jigme Dorji, however, did not disclose what documents he was not able to produce.


Uttar Rai

Candidate Uttar Rai, 34, with two degrees- Bsc (IT) and B.Com from Sikkim Manipal University and North Bengal University up his sleeves is all geared for January 25, the poll day. The Thimphu based businessman who also worked as a teacher and an IT executive before he joined to contest in 2011 for the thrompon’s post, made a tongue in cheek remark about the thromde election.

“I think voters of Phuentsholing thromde would get more serious this time and elect a representative who will be able to exercise his authority in the best interest of the public.”

He said there are not many positive changes in the town referring to the housing crises, traffic congestion, water shortage, inadequate road network in the extended area and incomplete Local Area Plan.

“These were the main problems that existed before the initiation of local government. They were not addressed.” Uttar Rai said he would reinstate a strong thromde and look forward to solving problems at his best.

Former thrompon Tsheten Dorji, who won 28 of the 43 votes and outvoted Tandin Wangchuck from the Phuentsholing Maed constituency didn’t want to comment.

Meanwhile, there are three candidates to contest for the thuemi post. All have submitted their documents yesterday.

The returning officer said they would scrutinize the documents today.

Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing


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