Staff reporter 

The government should conduct mass testing in red Zones and red areas, isolate the positive cases, and lift the lockdown within a week, according to the opposition party.

In a press release issued yesterday, the opposition claimed that they have thoroughly scrutinised the merits and demerits of the government’s notification on ‘New phase of Covid-19 management.’

“We admire and respect protecting lives, vaccination drive and focus on clinical management being the panacea of the new strategy,” it stated. “But stretching the lockdown further from the already protracted one appears neither smart nor will usher unusual benefits.”

The opposition’s press release comes after the government announced the new phase of Covid-19 management on March 12 evening, which was heavily criticised by people.

The announcement on the PMO’s official page was flooded with comments, mostly negative and against the decision. Many also pointed to the opposition for keeping the low key and not criticising the government.

According to the opposition, the extended lockdown cost the nation, particularly the impact on the national economy, private sector and individual citizens.

It stressed that the low income and wage workers are hit the hardest and urged the government to revise its strategy.

“We have stressed on short and effective lockdowns earlier as well,” the press release said. “Our proposed strategy does not contradict with or nullify the government’s strategy. Ongoing efforts on vaccination drive, setting up of Covid-19 hospitals and putting in place new SOPs must continue and in fact, be expedited.”