YK Poudel 

The wait for ordinary passports has ended now after the passport division under the foreign ministry notified yesterday of the arrival of new passport booklets from Germany.

The passport division received 60,000 passports last week.

The division notified that the online and offline applications received have been verified and two hundred passports will be issued a day in order of the date of submission of the application.

Fifty in-person applications will be accepted a day based on an appointment. This is done in order to facilitate urgent travel for those who have not yet applied online.

Correcting the previous reports, they notified that with regards to the travel document in lieu of an ordinary passport, the replacement will be facilitated without the requirement of any payment and a separate application. Since the travel documents were issued as a temporary solution for which they had already paid, they can exchange them for ordinary passports without paying any additional fees.

The replacement of the travel documents for the citizens with valid identity cards will be facilitated from December 1.

A total of 19,097 passports and 3,500 other travel documents have been issued since January.

If trends from recent years continue, the office anticipates passports will last for four years, but if the rush continues, it may only last for two.

As per the passport division statistics, in 2018 the issuance was highest with 13,266 passports and in 2019 it was 12,826. With the global pandemic in 2020, the number dropped to 3,597 passports issued and 7,586 passports in 2021.

The division appeals to the general public to visit the office as per the appointment for the submission of the application and to collect the passport upon receiving the message from the division.