Bhutan won 1-0 against Sri Lanka on the first day of the team’s bid  for the World Cup in 2018.

There can’t be better news than this for a nation like ours. We must congratulate our footballers even as they are so far away from being considered professionals.

We have today what we can call a team of national footballers. And they have given their best. Football in Bhutan could be big if thoughts and intents are put to good use.

That’s the lesson we have learnt today.

International media had this to say for the Bhutanese team: FIFA’s lowest-ranked team won on the first day of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.

We are ranked 209th by the governing body of world football. But we are a footballing nation, only we couldn’t succeed beyond our misplaced pride.

This is the moment. We have had some moments of glory, and we have also had some moments of defeat that led us to true soul-searching.

Where is our football today?

The World Cup is a big event. Do we have a dream to get at the world event, however? That is the question. And why are we lagging behind? There must be reasons.

First, we do not have a national team, a true national team. Why, we do wonder, earnestly. We have an organisation, but that is not enough. Why do we not succeed?

Sine the time football came to the country, we have not been able to build a professional team. We know that all too well. Why do we still not have a professional  football team to represent our country?

Well, argument from the authorities will be this: We have teams for archery and football, all very intact and efficient.

But why are we so far behind many nations in all the disciplines of world games?  Could it be how we run our own game-specific organisations? Could it be that we are so at home with our own small and local dreams that we do not care whatever happens beyond our doorstep?

We have had our share of win and defeat. But now is the time. We need to excel.

And how do we do that? That is the question.

We have clubs. And we have talents. Do not let them go to waste, young and good talents. Professionalise our athletes and pay them well. Let them succeed to make this our small nation proud.

Committees and organisations, this is your food for thought this day. Make it happen. Let our talents rise.

Our young footballers will fight honestly. That much we know. Their efforts and talent should be recognised. At the same time, we should be able to see our own deficiency.

Give our footballers everything they need and they will make us proud.

Boys, we have good wishes and prayers for you!