Camp Raven


Every winter, students attend the prestigious Camp Raven where they learn how to draw, paint, dance, play football and basketball among many other programmes held at the camp. These sessions are being taught by the many volunteers that love spending their time at the camp. Sessions on the importance of punctuality and on leadership are also being taught by different personalities and renowned people that are invited at the camp. The Royal Secretariat organises the month-long camp every winter.

Street hawkers


A hot of cup of thukpa is perfect to beat the cold winter days but not many realise the stories behind those that sell thukpa. This issue tries to bring out the thukpa sellers’ stories, their daily life and the challenges they face. For most, selling thukpa and other snacks are their only source of income.


Dancing to a different tune


At a time when job opportunities are not easily available, jobseekers have sought a different avenue to find employment. This issue brings out how young people have turned their lifelong passion of dancing and acting into a reality. Today, they are employed in the entertainment industry and making a positive name for themselves.



The first International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) was observed in May last year. This was a milestone achieved by the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender (LGBT) community members who came a long way from individual struggles. This issue brings out their personal stories and challenges they face in their daily lives. Most of the LGBT community members are positive since the level of acceptance among the general public is far better when the first transgender, from male to female, came out in public in 2008.

Making public toilets clean and accessible 


Bhutan Toilet Organisation (BTO) members have taken the task to clean the public toilets and dispel the myth that public toilets are always filled with filth and odour. With the help of more than 300 volunteers, the organisation started managing public toilets during major events such as tshechu. Today, the members of the organisation are helping people appreciate clean toilets and developing sound toilet habits especially while using public toilets.



Today, young and old Bhutanese, from different professions, have started to read, write and love poetry. Now with the Internet, open-mic poetry events and a few publications, many are willing to share their works and sow its seed in the minds of the Bhutanese.



With the scarce employment opportunities, many are willing to become an entrepreneur and not wait for the government to provide them wtih ready-made jobs. Young people are now creating their own platform and turning their ideas into a reality.


Friends of Bhutan


This issue brings out the stories of volunteers from Japan that travelled outside their comfort zones, leaving their families, secure and good paying jobs, and all modern amenities to come see and live in Bhutan. In turn, their lives were also changed by being in the country.




Last year marked the 400th year since Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel arrived the country. To commemorate the auspicious historical event, an exhibition was held at the Royal Textile Academy displaying sacred artefacts, belonging to Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the founder of the nation.


fablabWith state-of-the-art technology to design and create products, the first fabrication laboratory also known as FabLab will be opened in the capital this summer. The issue focuses on how the project can impact and change the lives of Bhutanese by bringing various developments and changes that could positively affect the local communities.

Food portal 


Eating out has never been more fun with food portals available in the country. Bhutan Hangouts and Zhimmey has listed the most frequented restaurants in the country along with the pictures of the food that can tempt anyone to go out and eat. This was seen as a welcoming news for the foodies.


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