20150731-907A7559-1The newly appointed Chief  Election Commissioner Chogyal Dago shares with Kuensel the commission’s priority and the importance of the upcoming local government elections 


1. Having worked as a commissioner with the commission, continuity is ensured. What are your immediate priorities?

Having recently completed delimitation activities of the thromdes declared by the Parliament, our priority now is the Local Government elections, 2016.

2. The local government elections is around the corner, how prepared is the ECB? Are there any issues to be sorted out like the gewog and chiwog boundary?

Existing gewog boundaries unless altered by the Parliament will be the basis and elections shall be conducted based on electoral rolls prepared for the notified demkhongs.

3. ECB has written to the government regarding the jurisdiction of yenlag thromde. Why is it important for the government to take a decision at the earliest? 

Irrespective of whether yenlag thromdes are under gewog or dzongkhag jurisdiction, ‘yenlag thromde representatives’ will have to be elected to respective dzongkha tshogdus. Yenlag thromdes declared by the Parliament shall be the constituency for the upcoming LG elections.

4. There have been some criticisms on the decision to hold elections in Gasa Thromde because of the absence of registered voters. Will the new commission continue with this stand?

LG comprises of dzongkhag tshogdu, gewog tshogde and thromde tshogde for which elections are to be conducted. Despite sparse population, Gasa can still strive to develop a unique thromde as pointed out by keen observers.

5. Why is it important?

Besides fulfilling a legal mandate to hold elections to these LG institutions, establishing thromde tshogde and yenlag thromde is opening up of opportunities. It would slow rural urban migration, if not stop or reverse.

6.  Your experience as commissioner over the past years would be of immense advantage for you. Comment.

Very humbled to receive this opportunity to serve in the ECB right from the inception. Will continue to serve with total commitment to fulfil national goals, ECB’s missions and vision of our benevolent leaders! I am fortunate to have reliable and motivated team serving at the ECB HQ and in the dzongkhags.


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