A male school principal, a male teacher and a female sweeper are involved

Phuentsholing police has detained two men and a woman for allegedly throwing a newborn out of a hotel window on April 15 morning. 

The woman, who is the mother of the newborn, is a 24-year-old sweeper at Sertena Primary School (SPS) in Haa. The school principal and another male teacher from the same school were with the woman at the hotel.

Kuensel learnt that the baby, a boy, weighing 3.6kgs was thrown from a third floor corridor window of a hotel at Goedoe Lam in Phuentsholing town. The infant was delivered the same night in the hotel room, Kuensel sources say.

Police officials on patrolling had come across the baby’s body around 2am. The patrolling team informed police officials at their office who along with health officials visited the hotel.

Sources said the woman did not admit to delivering the baby until she was taken to the hospital for a check-up. She had told police that the baby was born dead. 

Kuensel learnt that the three had checked into the hotel on April 14 around 3pm – 5pm. The hotel manager said one of the men had provided his details at the counter to avail the room. The register shows that they had come from Samtse and were headed for Haa.

The hotel manager said that when the police and the health officials arrived at the hotel for interrogation, the room allotted to the three did not show signs of a baby being delivered 

“We came to know only when the police came to interrogate,” the hotel manager said. 

Health officials took the woman to the hospital and police officials took the school principal and his teacher colleague for interrogation. Kuensel learnt that the principal was on election duty and dzongkhag officials learnt of his arrest when he failed to report for election duty. 

Health officials in Phuentsholing General Hospital conducted some tests on the baby’s body. They said a report was sent to the forensic unit at the JDWNRH to determine if the baby was born alive or had died delivery. Health official did not comment further. 

Kuensel learnt that it while it was difficult to confirm, the baby was born full term and could have been born alive.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing