The 56.05 metres long Paachu bridge in Paro, which opened to traffic on January 27, is expected to lessen inconvenience to commuters.

Department of Roads’ (DoR) bridge division designed the concrete continuous slab bridge that has the load carrying capacity of 70 Metric Tonnes (MT). Construction Development Corporation Limited (CDCL) built the bridge.

Bridge division’s chief engineer, Karma Wangdi said that the existing Bailey bridge is a single lane with a load capacity of about 18MT.

“At times vehicles have to stay in queue especially during rush hours causing inconvenience to commuters.”

He said that the completion of the bridge would benefit commuters especially heavy vehicles without having to travel a longer route.

According to a study conducted by DoR, it was found that on an average, about 1,150 vehicles ply the road a day of which 1,050 are light vehicles and 100 heavy and medium vehicles.

DoR also conducted studies on the bridge site such as the bridge span, type and aesthetic due to the proximity of the bridge to the international airport.

Karma Wangdi said that the existing bridge is also constructed with limited sight distance, adding that sometimes vehicles would rush to the bridge from both directions.

Footpath has also been constructed on both sides of the bridge for pedestrians.

The Nu 57.362 Million worth of works was expected to complete by October last year but got extended.

Executive engineer with the roads office in Paro, Kinley Dorji, said the extension was due to additional works such as changes in the approach road and wall construction.

Minister for Works and Human Settlement Dorji Choden inaugurated the bridge.

Government of India under the Project Tied Assistance funded the construction of the bridge.

Rinchen Zangmo