Duck Breast 180gms

Port Wine 300ml

Peach 50gms

Sugar 30gms

Carrot 30gms

Asparagus 2 spears

Spinach 6 leaves

Broccoli 50gms

Pumpkin  120 gms (roasted)

Puff Paste  120gms

Salt To taste

Pepper To taste

Oil For cooking

Baby Herbs  To garnish


Make the port wine reduction by simmering it slowly in heat. Add sugar.

Cook all the vegetables after cutting them into baton & florets

Make a cigar using the puff paste and roasted pumpkin

Bake in oven at 220 degree centigrade for 7-8 minutes

Also slowly cook the peach in oven till it becomes soft

Season the duck breast with salt, pepper and sear it on high heat.  Cook till medium rare.

Arrange the vegetables on the plate. Arrange the duck breast on the top of the vegetables and add the peach.

Put the cigar on the side. Drizzle the reduction on the duck.

Garnish with baby herbs.