The Teachers’ Day celebrations yesterday in Motithang Higher Secondary School in Thimphu was organised by parents.

Through the Parents’ Support Group, two parents from each class decided to come together and celebrate the day, which also marks the birth anniversary of the third Druk Gyalpo.

Chairman of the parents’ group, Pema Jungney said teachers are like architects who shape and construct a student’s life. He said that the celebration was a supportive initiative where students and parents pooled money to organise the event for teachers. “This initiative is important for the relationship between teachers and parents to discuss the problems about students and to bring improvements in the system and students,” he said.

The celebration started with the reception of teachers by the students and parents. Following an offering of butter lamps to pay tribute to the Third Druk Gyalpo, a cake cutting ceremony and cultural programmes were held.

The school captain Ugyen Lhendup said it is an important occasion for students to express their gratitude to the Third Druk Gyalpo and the teachers.

A dzongkha teacher, Karma Galey, said the celebration of teachers’ day is necessary to teach the future generations about the importance of this day. “We feel proud and motivated by being in this noble profession where we can do good by sharing what we know,” he said.

An English language teacher Kencho Tobgyal said that the day is a moment to see and know how students feel about them. “I feel proud to know that we occupy one of the best places in the society,” he said.

More than 70 parents and 800 students organised the celebration.

Phuntsho Choden