… more parents come forward to complain   

KP Sharma

Parents of a class two student in Lhamoizingkha Central School have lodged a complaint with the police on May 2 against an English teacher for beating the child.

The issue surfaced after the child’s grandfather posted his pictures with marks on his thigh on social media.

According to sources, the incident occurred on May 1 after some students were found outside when the teacher came to the class and those inside were making noise.

Menuka Chetri, mother of one of the victims, said that they knew about the incident when the father saw several marks on thigh when the victim was doing his homework. She was in Thimphu when the incident occurred.

“My son did not share about the incident in the beginning but later said that he along with other students were beaten by a teacher for coming late to the class,” Menuka said.

She said that after seeing the pictures her husband sent her, she immediately called the school officiating principal and informed him about the incident, requesting him to hold the teacher to account.

The officiating principal directed her to submit a written complaint. Accordingly, the father of the victim lodged a written complaint the next day.

According to her, the victim was taken to the hospital on the same night for medical examination. “We have the medical report of the incident from the hospital.”

She added that her son could not sleep the whole night.

The mother said that her son did not want to go to school after the incident. She added that he “fell unconscious in the assembly line and wounded his lips and head”.

After receiving the call from the school, the mother said that he was again taken to the hospital for a medical examination.

She said that some teachers and relevant officials have called her offering support.

The officiating principal said that the parents called him on May 1 evening and that he asked her to come with a written complaint.

Meanwhile, Dagana Chief Education Officer said that the education office is in touch with the school to reduce the disturbances of the incident. “We did the assessment study of the incident with those involved immediately.”

The school is instructed to change the class teacher and subject teachers immediately. “We have called the parents and ensured the safety of their children hereafter.”

According to the education office, it is unfortunate that such incidents have surfaced even after rolling out the safe school programme in all schools under the dzongkhag.

The dzongkhag education officer had also visited the school a few months back and reminded the teachers against the use of corporal punishment.

The Police OC also gave a sensitisation programme on safe children, according to the education office.

Police are investigating the case.