Male Iron Rat Year

Phub Dem | Paro

As an international gateway and commercial hub for tourists, the majority of businesses in Paro were affected last year. It was almost a total shut down, for a long time.

With the news of the first index case in Bhutan, Paro tshechu took place behind closed doors. Since then, often a crowded town, Paro became deserted and businesses dried up quickly.

Suddenly, the dzongkhag saw the growth of organic farming group by those in the tourism sector who lost jobs due to the pandemic. Many were engaged in the development of trails towards the Taktshang.

As a point of entry into the country, Paro continues to remain a high-risk zone.

Farmers, however, enjoyed bountiful harvest. It was a bumper year for chilli and potato growers.

With many dzongkhags running out of fresh vegetables during the first lockdown, Paro supplied enough vegetables to other dzongkhags.

Drukair and Bhutan Airlines was hit the hardest by the pandemic, which led to salary slash and redeployment of employees To keep the business afloat, the airline started alternatives repatriation freight and mountain flights.