Recreation: Much to the relief of the residents, the children’s park in Paro will be inaugurated tomorrow about three months after completion of the renovation works.

Located in the centre of the town, the park is now equipped with all the playground equipment for children like swings, rockers and climbers, among others.

Paro dzongdag Chencho Tshering said the renovation work took long as they did not want to hamper the quality of work.

“We wanted to equip the park with all the facilities,” dzongdag Chencho Tshering said. “The park is a gift from Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen to the people of Paro.”

The dzongdag also said that the park has all the aspects of the four pillars of Gross National Happiness for children to understand. “To create awareness on waste management, unique garbage bins are installed,” he said.

Paro town residents welcomed the news. Residents said that they were disappointed with the only children’s park still closed even after completion of the renovation works.

Residents said they didn’t know why it was taking long to open although the park was complete with all the facilities. They also said that after the renovation works were completed, they thought the park would be inaugurated on November 11.

“When it didn’t happen, we thought it would definitely happen on the National Day,” a resident said, adding that he was disappointed that it didn’t happen.

The children’s park was built a few years ago. However, as its outdoor playground facilities were made from wooden planks, it did not last long and became risky for children after which the park was left unused for months.

A town resident, Phurba Dorji visits the park everyday with his grandson. As the park is still locked, they spent their time outside the park where there is some open space that has become a playground for other children as well.

By evening, Phurba Dorji said all the children gather in the open space outside the park in absence of a recreational space.

“My grandson keeps insisting that we visit the park everyday although it’s closed,” he said. “If opened, the park will help all children but it’s taking longer than expected.”

Dzongkhag officials said that renovation works began only this year because of budget constraints. Works began with an approved budget from the government besides additional financial support from schools and the business community.

The overall work cost about Nu 120,000 to 130,000. Some school principals helped carry out the renovation work and installation of the playground equipment.

Kinga Dema