Thinley Namgay

Paro FC (PFC) enjoys double advantage going into the second qualifying match of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup against Defenders FC (DFC) at Changlimithang Stadium today at 2:30pm.

Besides the three away goal advantage, PFC can also capitalise on home support which would also mount additional pressure on the visitors.

During the pre-match press conference held at Namgay Heritage, yesterday, PFC’s coach, Jangchuk Dorji said that his players are physically and tactically prepared.

Coach Jangchuk said that his team does not underestimate the opponents as they are a good team. However, he said that they are at a disadvantage due to cold weather conditions in the capital.

The temperature is forecast to be about 8 degrees Celcius which is likely to bother the foreigners who are more used to warmer weather conditions.

“During the first match at Sri Lanka, the weather was good and we performed well despite their home supporters. As a team, our confidence level is always high,” he said.

The PFC’s players had played many games at Changlimithang on different occasions.  For them, the climate adaptability won’t be an issue.

The earlier match ended 3-3 at home to Defenders FC at Race Course International Stadium in Colombo, Sri Lanka on January 22.  In general, Paro dominated the game with the most number of shots and ball possession. It was also observed that the DFC were quick to convert their limited chances.

Despite brilliant performance by attacking players like Dieudonne Fabassou, and Chencho Gyeltshen at Sri Lanka, Paro FC conceded three goals due to proper coordination between the goalie and the back four.

Coach Jangchuk said that they have analysed the match and rectified the mistakes. “We do not want to repeat it again. The opponents will experience a pressing game today. We have some changes in the defence.”

Sri Lankan Coach, Dudley Lincoln Steinwall, said that his team had practised at the Changlimithang and was adapted to the climate. “We had a good first leg match with Paro FC and I am glad that my team did well. AFC 2020 is very important and we are working for it.”

Officials at the press conference said that the Defenders FC’s game-changer, Evans Asante and Sajith Kumara could pose a challenge to the Paro FC. “Evans Asante’s speed and stamina on the pitch is something that the Paro FC must take care off.”

Team Defenders FC reached in the country on January 25.