LG: Around 10,041 people voted through electronic voting machine (EVM) in Paro on September 27. Postal ballot constituted 829.

Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) declared the official election results yesterday.

Paro went in for a change. Doteng, Hoongrel, Wangchang, Lamgong, Loong-nyi, Nagya and Sharpa saw new gups elected. Tsento and Dokar re-elected their former gups.

In Dokar gewog, Lhab Tshering secured 559 EVM votes and 39 postal ballots. In Tsento, former gup Dolay Tshering who secured 550 EVM votes and 38 postal ballots.

Doteng chose their former tshogpa Letho for gup, who got 235 EVM votes and 12 postal ballots.

Hoongrel also chose their former tshogpa and mangmi, Gyem Thinley, as new gup.

Wangchang’s new gup is a businessman, Kuenzang Rinzin, who secured 518 EVM votes and 28 postal ballots.

Lamgong’s gup-elect is Gem Tshering, a former tshogpa and mangmi of the gewog. He secured 902 EVM votes and 66 postal ballots.

Loong-nyi chose Jamtsho for gup. He secured 397 EVM votes and 23 postal ballots.

Kinley Wangdi is Nagya’s new gup. He secured 939 EVM votes and 54 postal ballots.

Sharpa’s former mangmi, Chencho Gyeltshen, is the new gup. He secured 688 EVM votes and 52 postal ballots. Tshering Dorji is Dopshar-ri’s new gup.

None of the women contestants for gup were elected. Hoongrel and Loong-nyi gewogs elected women mangmi.

The candidate contesting for the post of thromde ngotshab was disqualified and the election results nullified since the candidate had a record of criminal conviction.

Thinley Zangmo