3,500 patients treated since May 4

Phub Dem | Paro

His Majesty’s Kidu Mobile Medical Unit (KMMU), temporarily based in Paro hospital starting May 4 has seen more than 3,500 patients.

The team consisting of 15 members including five specialists – gynecologists, medical specialist, pediatrician, surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon with an operation backup team have carried out more than 200 minor operations.

KMMU is identified as a focus medical backup team to the national referral hospital and ministry of health in case of a Covid-19 outbreak.

The unit, unlike previous years, does not provide camp services but provides regular medical services in the dzongkhag hospital.

The head of KMMU, Dr Phurb Dorji said that the team was isolated from the national referral hospital in Thimphu so that the medical team could provide regular medical services if the current system is interrupted due to a community transmission.

He said that people residing in Paro could avail regular services from the dzongkhag hospital.  “The members stay together and try to avoid contacts with the public so that in a worst-case scenario, we can immediately render services.”

People residing in Paro are taking advantage of the KMMU specialist.

Zam, 79, residing near the hospital said that her daughters had to go to Thimphu for delivery and child’s regular checkup. “With the presence of specialists here, the hurdle of travelling to Thimphu is reduced.”

Besides, she said, it was worrying to travel to Thimphu with the covid-19 cases increasing by the day.

Lam Passang from Bonday said that specialists at the doorsteps had helped the community with timely medical services. “It takes around three days to complete medical procedures in Thimphu. Here we can come and get treatment within a day,” he said.

Tshering Dorji from Shari said that the unit has helped the people to reduce transportation, food and lodging charges.

The team, according to Dr Phurb Dorji, would continue to provide the service until the situation returns to normal.

His Majesty’s Kidu Mobile Medical Unit was initiated in 2009 upon Royal Command to give access to specialised healthcare to people who live far away from the capital.