Thukten Zangpo | Paro

Ugyen Tshering is Paro’s MP-elect to the NC.

His prior experience at the House of Review and visibility made the difference.

From Lamgong Gewog in Paro, Ugyen Tshering secured 3,547 votes— 2,681 from EVM and 866 in postal ballots.

Out of five candidates from Paro, Jigme from Sharpa Gewog secured the highest EVM votes—2,804. However, Jigme secured far fewer votes from postal ballots—340.

Lamgong Gewog has the third highest eligible voters at 2,456 and Shaba Gewog has 2,367 eligible voters. Naja Gewog has the highest eligible voters of 3,131 in Paro.

Gyeltshen Dukpa from Loong-nyi Gewog secured 2,135 votes, including 342 postal ballots. Ugyen Dorji from Wangchang Gewog got 2,047 votes, and Zecko from Dokar Gewog obtained 882 votes.

Most of the voters said that they have gone for the experience. Ugyen Tshering made himself more visible. Him being the chairperson of the joint committee, public accounts committee played a huge role in getting re-elected.

MP-elect Ugyen Tshering said that people have supported him because he served well in the past five years.

He added that he was overwhelmed by the support he received from the civil servants who voted through postal ballots.

“I thank the people of Paro for the support,” Ugyen Tshering said, adding that he would serve at his best in the next five years. “I will continue to review the Acts and policies that are inconvenient to people in consultation with the government.”

A 56-year-old farmer from Zhelngo from Shaba Gewog, Chencho, said that the most experienced candidate would benefit the community.

The dzongkhag saw a voter turnout of 57.2 percent. A total of 9,680 votes were cast on EVMs in the 29 polling stations across the dzongkhag; postal ballots accounted for 2,261 votes.

Out of the 10 gewogs in Paro, Naja Gewog had the highest polling stations of seven in the dzongkhag.

Paro has 20, 880 eligible voters—9, 941 were male and 10,939 were female.