Nima Wangdi

Despite the completion of mass testing in all mega zones and lifting the restrictions in Thimphu yesterday, some residents in the upper Samtenling zone were taken by surprise to find their houses cordoned off with security tape yesterday morning. They weren’t allowed to move around.

A resident said he doesn’t know what has happened, but the area around his house was declared a red zone. “The area wasn’t a red zone earlier.”

Sources said teams of health workers collected samples again between 1pm and 5pm yesterday.

A resident said they were only asked to bear with it until this morning, when the test results are expected to be out. They were not told why they were cordoned off.

Residents also shared the voice clips of the officials on duty apologising for the inconvenience. They said they were allowed to move around until February 12.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health officials were not available for comment.